Emerging economies in global governance

The Project intended as a “Tier 1 seed grant” builds on previous research and expertise of both Geneva and South Korea based teams on the insertion of emerging economies in the global economy and their role within the current institutional framework. The seed proposal would lead to a wider project to be submitted to funding agencies such as the Swiss Network of International Studies (SNIS) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). The project will analyse the causes for emerging and middle powers to create new groupings and institutional settings, integrating into existing ones and at the role of transgovernmental cooperation for establishing new institutions and/or reinforcing existing ones. The grant will strengthen cooperation between the UNIGE based team (composed by Prof. Sandra Lavenex, Dr. Omar Serrano and their research assistant Wang Lei) and the Yonsei team (composed by Prof. Jongryn Mo and a research assistant Hyun Jung Hee). The Geneva team has looked at the challenge that the ascent of large fast-growing emerging economies poses to the EU's and US' continued ability (separately or even jointly) to shape the international order. The Seoul-based team has looked at new governance groups among emerging countries such as the BRICS and the MIKTA. Emerging countries are increasingly attempting to organize themselves and this raises the question on whether their efforts are working and if not, what lessons they can draw from history and IR theory as well as from the mechanisms the EU and US have used to extend their regulatory reach.

Participants : 
  • Yonsei
    • Prof. Jongryn Mo, Graduate School of International Studies
    • Prof. Junghee Hyun, Graduate School of International Studies