Main Challenges for Christian Theology Today

With the theme, “Main Challenges for Christian Theology Today,” for the collaborative research project of UNIGE-Yonsei Seed Funding, we present a 3-year-long proposal. With this project, we seek to create a theological partnership between our two Theological Faculties (University of Geneva, Yonsei University). We envision a three-year program as follows: “Religious Pluralism or Religious Multiple Belonging? Comparative Approaches.” In an age of the so-called migration of Christianity to the East and the South, religious identity is in flux. What is the impact of our societies’ religious pluralism for theology? The second year’s theme, “Humanity Enhanced or Trans-Humanized: Ethical and Theological Reflections,” will deal with the future of humanity theologically and ethically. The theme of the third year, “Eco-Theology and the Call for Justice” will address the question of eco-theology in its relation to the issue of justice broadly conceived. This Theological Consultation between theologians and ethicists from Yonsei University and the University of Geneva will foster a dialogue across cultures (including theological cultures) in order to learn from one another about the current challenges theological and ethical inquiry is facing today: which challenges may be called common challenges? Which ones are specific to each context? Among the common and the specific challenges, what may we learn from one another? In the process of these three consultations, we may discover many similarities, as well as dissimilarities, in our ways of doing theology and of addressing current challenges which confront us all.  

Participants :